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Botanical Name: Centaurium erythraea
Origin: Croatia
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A member of the Gentianaceae family, centaury is considered to have a place amongst the classic bitter herbs. Ancient Romans called the herb, “fel terrae” meaning “gall of the Earth”, referring to centaury’s bitter quality. The plant is named after Chiron, the centaur from Greek mythology, who was well learned in the art of herbalism. Legend states, he used this herb to heal his own poisoned wound.

Centaury is an annual with small, pink, star-shaped flowers and opposite, wedge-shaped leaves. The flowers open in fair weather and day light hours and close at night. The plant can be found growing wild throughout Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. Centaury was a part of traditional European herbalism utilized for its beneficial properties. Our clearance centaury is organic and consists of the dried aerial portions. It can be used in liqueurs, bitters blends, tonics, and infusions. Additionally, centaury can be made into an extract or used topically as a wash.

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