White Mulberry Leaf

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Botanical Name: Morus alba
Origin: Bulgaria
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Morus alba is a fast-growing, medium-sized tree with round, lobed leaves and edible berries. Native to China and India, white mulberry has been cultivated for millennia and its leaves used to feed silkworms which produce commercial silk. Now naturalized throughout the world, white mulberry leaf also has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its beneficial properties. White mulberry leaves are generally steeped as tea but can also be extracted.

White mulberry trees grow to be 30-60 feet tall. The trees are deciduous in temperate regions and evergreen in tropical climates. As the trees mature the shape of the leaves can vary greatly from unlobed to having multiple lobes. The tree is dioecious, meaning that the male and female flower parts appear exclusively on separate trees. On rare occasions both male and female flower parts will appear on the same tree, making that particular individual a monoecious plant. The tree belongs to the Moraceae plant family. This species is known for its powerful release of pollen, which is launched at over half the speed of sound!

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses different parts of the white mulberry tree, including the leaves which are brewed into a tea which is often utilized as a tonic.

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