Seed Stewardship Project


Seed Stewardship Project


Mountain Rose Herbs created the Seed Stewardship Project to raise awareness about at-risk plants that are in need of our help. It is our hope that this solution-oriented approach of supplying free seeds to those able to plant them will help rebuild the populations of these special plants. We thank you for being a seed steward in your community and for helping us to create a ripple of change for people, plants, and planet.

As a bonus to supplying free seeds, we've created an interactive map for seed recipients to add pins showing which seeds they've planted and where. We hope to fill the map as our seed steward community grows. Learn more, and add your pin below!


Since their inception, Mountain Rose Herbs has actively co-campaigned with UpS. Their mission is to protect native medicinal plants, fungi, and their habitats while ensuring renewable populations for use by generations to come. They offer information on planting your own endangered herb garden, plus loads of advice and membership services.


We've created this community map for seed stewards to add individual pins, showcasing which seeds have been planted and where. We hope to fill the map with pins, as we rebuild the populations of these special plants. Explore the map below, and click on any pin to see details and user-added photos. Directions for adding your own pin are provided below.

How To Add Your Pin

  1.   Click the green "+ Add Point" button located on the bottom left side of the map
  2.   Select the seed type you've recieved and planted
  3.   Enter the location that you've planted the seeds. Note: Location can be a city, state, neighborhood, place, business, or address. While pins are anonymous - if you choose to attach photos, they will be attached to your location of choice
  4.   Optional: Add photos to your pin showing how or where you've planted them. You will also recieve an email containing a link to update your pin and can add photos showing progress or growth.
  5.   Enter your email and accept the terms and conditions. Note: your email address will NOT be shown with your pin
  6.   Click "Save and Close" or "Save and Add Another" to add your pin to the map!


Echinacea Seed Packet
Lobelia Seed Packet
Gentian Seed Packet