Shawn Donnille - CEO

Shawn Donnille



Shawn first became involved with Mountain Rose Herbs as a passionate young idealist with a fervent desire to change the world. He was the town’s notorious rabble rouser, always petitioning for mandatory labeling on genetically modified food crops, encouraging people to support a strong conservation ethic, fighting for the protection of endangered or threatened species, and the protection and enhancement of our riparian areas. When Mountain Rose Herbs came into his life, Shawn saw it as an opportunity to change the way business is conducted on this planet. To this day, the revolutionary business principles that Shawn initiated have been used as a successful model by countless other organizations around the world.

Shawn became co-owner of the company in 2001 and since then he has initiated several bold and daring changes, most notably the eradication of all conventionally grown products from our product line, introducing the first line of fair trade certified medicinal herbs in the United States, implementing the design and deployment of our web presence, launching our zero waste program, our charitable giving program, and so much more!

As CEO Shawn currently oversees every aspect of Mountain Rose Herbs along with all of the directors and managers at the company to be sure they are leading the business in a direction we can all be proud of. In addition to this he is intimately connected with developing all of our sustainability initiatives to further enhance and propel bold ideas that are being shared with numerous other corporations, non-profits, state agencies, and civic groups as a working model for success.

In his spare time, Shawn can be found deep within Oregon’s wilderness system, or lost in the pages of any book about ecology and the environment. He currently retains one of the nation’s largest collections of rare and antiquarian books that deal exclusively with nature writing and outdoor literature. With Thoreau, Abbey, and Muir being his favorites, of course!

"All of our environmental issues can be connected to the embarrassing way that business abuses this planet. My objective is to stop this destructive pattern by offering an alternative modality and sharing that modality with others so we can all lead the change necessary to heal the planet"

Julie Bailey - President

Julie Bailey



2020 is Julie’s 30th year of Mountain Rose Herbs leadership, and it is with gratitude and deep satisfaction that she looks back over the decades. Fascinated by herbs and healing since childhood, her life has been guided by her passion for nature and wildlife. During the 1980’s she managed herb departments in stores and co-ops, ran vegetarian restaurants, worked at a local health clinic, attended herb classes and studied nutrition, anatomy, physiology and CPR/first aid. In her spare time, Julie led wilderness backpack trips for women and ran a native and medicinal plant nursery.

In the autumn of 1990 Julie began working at Mountain Rose Herbs and within a few months, Julie purchased the tiny company. She spent the next ten years building the foundation and fundamental principles from which Mountain Rose Herbs has grown and flourished.

"Right livelihood, ethical choices, integrity, putting the earth, wildlife and plants first." Julie strove to create an honorable business that would provide excellent and friendly customer service, high quality herbs and products sourced from reputable and trustworthy farmers, wild-harvesters and vendors. Mountain Rose maintains excellent relationships with many of these farmers and vendors to this day. Recycling, re-use, minimal waste and support of environmental and conservation groups were always part of the mix and continue so today. “I did every job imaginable at Mountain Rose Herbs in those first years: from tech to janitor, shipping to answering phones, and everything in between. My favorites were growing and harvesting the herbs, creating the catalog, and creating new teas and herbal care products.” Julie formulated many of the teas, herbal oils and body care products we offer to this day.

Julie is proud that the company she built has provided livelihoods and careers for many, including Shawn Donnille, who led the launch of our first real website and became part owner in 2001. Thus began many years of Julie and Shawn’s shared leadership, with the vision of plants, planet and people before profit. Their energetic and complementary partnership created the Mountain Rose Herbs we know today.

Renewed by being out of doors, Julie loves to create gardens, take hikes, and observe nature and wildlife. When the weather forces her inside, she reads some of her wonderful collection of books and has stimulating discussions with friends.

Cameron Stearns - Executive Vice President

Cameron Stearns



As a young adult, Cameron developed an appreciation of diverse cultures and approaches to nutrition and health as she traveled to distant countries while earning her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. These travels were driven by a curiosity for new experiences and tastes. Often when returning from her travels, she would experiment with recreating meals and crafts that were not readily found at home. Deciding that food and belongings possessed higher quality when built up from scratch, she felt drawn to explore her surroundings down to their foundation. Scratch cooking, home fermentation, natural fiber dyeing and spinning, herbal remedies, and home-grown vegetables became her daily routine as a young mother setting up her home. With two boys running amok, she certainly had her hands full and plenty of opportunities to make and use herbal salves, elixirs, and tonics to keep her littles ones healthy. As her children grew, so did a desire to set out on new adventures. Her love for Eugene led her to search for a career that was both nourishing and local. She went back to school and learned the foundations of accounting, working her way up through the ranks of public accounting and finally earning her CPA license. This journey brought her to Mountain Rose Herbs in 2014 where she now serves as both Executive Vice President and CFO. More than just a bean counter, she oversees the general workings of the entire company and provides the expert guidance needed to help steer our ship towards a productive, sustainable future. At her core, she is guided by the belief that the nature of business is to serve. To this end, she embraces deeply and happily one of the key tenets upheld by Mountain Rose Herbs, “people and planet before profit” and sets this up as her North Star for navigating the waters of business. On her days off, you will most likely find her with her husband, boys, and dogs scrambling across the lava beds in the Cascades or taking a dip in one of Oregon’s fabulous swimming holes.

Cameron’s Favorite Picks:

Tulsi Delight Tea, Lemon Pepper, Himalyan Pink Salt, Aphrodite Aroma Spray, Heart Aroma Oil

Carol Reed - Directory of Human Resources

Carol Reed

Director of Human Resources


When Carol joined Mountain Rose Herbs as a member of our Customer Service team, she brought along eight years of work in social services, and this experience immediately proved invaluable to her coworkers and every customer she assisted. She soon moved up to become the Office Manager, and later on, her ability to connect with staff and get to the heart of any problem made her the perfect candidate for our Director of Human Resources.

Carol’s role goes beyond simply screening applicants and conducting interviews. She stays intimately involved with each of our departments to ensure that we meet the needs of our bustling organization while always striving to better serve our staff and customers. She spends time looking at the “bigger picture” issues that our growing business faces, including keeping up with ever-changing legal and labor compliance regulations while overseeing the overall well-being of the organization.

Carol's good humor and her lighthearted command of common sense are influenced by sharing a home with a very demanding geriatric cat. As an herbalist, Ceremonialist, ordained minister, and gardener, she has fostered a profound appreciation of the "Old Ways" through her work with her Elders and has stepped into the role of Elder herself, connecting with both her Celtic and Native American heritages. She also has a weakness for bad puns and triple shot lattes.

Carol’s Favorite Picks:

Ceylon and Mango Ceylon Teas, Oakmoss Absolute, Shea Nut Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Soap Nuts.

Kim Christensen - Director of Warehouse Operations

Kim Christensen



Kim’s role is a true balancing act. She has complete supervisory control over the fulfillment of our customers’ orders, freight receiving, in-house production of herbal products, inventory management, and warehouse logistics and procedures. These daily duties are crucial to keeping Mountain Rose Herbs running smoothly, and she handles them with laser-focused attention to detail and solution-oriented thinking. Surely her master’s degree in professional modern dance and 15 years of teaching contemporary technique and performance has informed her ability to choreograph the complexities of our warehouse workflow. When not swiftly dashing around Mountain Rose Herbs, Kim can be found growing flowers, solving crossword puzzles, and collecting Fire King Jadeite.

Kim’s Favorite Picks:

Dill, Garlic Pepper, Grains of Paradise.

Steven Yeager - Directory of Quality

Steven Yeager

Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs


Originally from Philadelphia, Steven moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1994 and has been rooted in Eugene ever since. He has been an employee of Mountain Rose Herbs since 2007. Steven Yeager has been exploring Oregon’s wild places and studying the Pacific Northwest’s native flora since 1995, botanizing, wildcrafting, and preparing herbal preparations for himself and his family. Steven is also an herbal educator and co-owner of the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. His years of working in herbal world has contributed enormously in Steven's ability to direct the quality control, laboratory procedures, and GMP, and FSMA compliance at Mountain Rose Herbs, where a thorough knowledge of plant identification, government regulations, and herbalism is essential. In 2011, Steven became an elected trustee of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and is currently participating with many of AHPA's committees. He also serves on the Board for the AHPA Foundation for Education and Research on Botanicals, United Plant Savers, and the Native Plant Society of Oregon. When not at work or volunteering with various non-profits Steven enjoys spending time cooking, hiking, camping, wildcrafting, and botanizing in the Cascade Mountains.

Steven’s Favorite Picks:

Oregon Grape Root, Herbal Extracts, Sichuan pepper

Thomas Dick - Brand Director

Thomas Dick

Brand Director


Thomas is the Marketing and Creative Director here at Mountain Rose Herbs and controls and creates the look and feel of the company. He has been in the field of graphic design and marketing for more than 20 years and has spent the last 10 years building the MRH brand. Born and raised in the Appalachia, Thomas’ appreciation of the natural world was cultivated during his childhood spent outdoors, roaming the creeks and hills of Kentucky and Ohio. While pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Thomas discovered his passion for Design and Marketing, eventually earning dual degrees from The Ohio State University. It’s his love for the environment and for visual communications that makes working at Mountain Rose Herbs the perfect fit for him. When he is not designing beautiful packaging or mapping out our next marketing campaign, you will most likely find him in his machine shop pursuing his other passion, restoring vintage racing motorcycles.

Thomas’s Favorite Picks:

Ginseng, Smoked Paprika, Smoked Peppercorns, Matcha Tea

Azra Besic - Customer Service Director

Azra Besic

Customer Service Director


Azra oversees the ever-friendly and helpful Customer Service Department at Mountain Rose Herbs. She grew up as a child in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and her love for nature and all things herbal was ingrained in her from a very early age. Raised on a self-sustaining farm, she was instilled with the practices of sustainable organics as a lifelong pursuit. Her passions grow from strong roots in the traditions of her family and their land. When she is not in the wilds of Oregon mushrooming, fishing, or gardening, you will find her in her kitchen cooking amazing food from her home country or baking another decadent dessert from scratch. Her devotion to her family and friends is as obvious as it is deep, as is her love of travel and chasing after the next adventure. Her favorite saying is “Never Enough!” meaning that there is always more life to be lived and she will give it her all to make this time on earth count!

Azra’s Favorite Picks:

Turmeric Chai, Rose Hydrosol, and "Every herb and spice I can use in my kitchen!"

Julie Debord - Production Manager

Julie Debord

Production Manager


Julie is a revered veteran at Mountain Rose Herbs and the longest serving staff member at the company. Julie oversees the extraordinarily difficult task of managing the production and packaging of nearly all the products we produce. From our capsules and bottled seasonings, to our clays and herbal teas, many of our products are managed under her astute and dedicated eye. She also oversees our tea and spice formulation, and she is the proud creator of our beloved Herbal Coffee and Firefly Chai. Julie grew up in Ohio and traveled out west to Oregon. She immediately fell in love with the natural beauty, flora, and fauna found here. When she is not hurriedly managing production schedules at our facilities, she can be found hiking our state's numerous wild areas while capturing its majesty on film.

Julie’s Favorite Picks:

Holy Basil Chai, Tulsi Delight, Mint Chocolate Mate, Aloe Vera Gel, Neroli Hydrosol, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea-to-Go Glass Infuser

Peggy Hall Donahue - Purchasing Manager

Peggy Hall Donahue

Purchasing Manager


This cherished member of our team has the most magnificent caterwaul of a laugh imaginable! Peggy came to Mountain Rose Herbs with a rich background in herbalism and experience sourcing the finest products. Originally from the Oregon Coast, she manages our Purchasing Department where she oversees the ordering and delivery of containers, oils, extracts, essential oils, books, and so much more. Peggy says, “I just love sharing all the herbal knowledge I have acquired with other people. The best part is when people realize how well it works!” When Peggy is not negotiating contracts, she can be found digging her hands in the garden, making and sharing handcrafted herbal remedies, garage sale hopping for great deals, making art from found objects, hiking, camping, movies, kayaking, gardening, photography, canning, travel, antiques, and being the coolest Nana to her grandkids.

Peggy’s Favorite Picks:

Essential Oils, Culinary Salts, Grateful Heart Tea

Christine Rice - Product Manager

Christine Rice

Product Manager


Christine is our Product Manager and our Certified Aromatherapist. A longtime employee with over a decade under her belt, Christine collaborates with almost every department at Mountain Rose Herbs on a daily basis and knows the intimate details of every product that we offer. Christine researches and selects new and exciting herbal products to offer in addition to managing all of our current products. With more than 3,000 product offerings, this is no small task! She also oversees the quality and approval of the essential oils and hydrosols that Mountain Rose Herbs offers. Born and raised in the Midwest, Christine has considered Oregon a home since 2000. When away from the office, she enjoys gardening, running around with her energetic little one, canning and food preservation, homebrewing beer and wine, and spending time outdoors.

Christine’s Favorite Picks:

Essential Oils, Chai Teas, Skullcap Extract

Mike Lasco - Facilities Manager

Mike Lasco

Facilities Manager


Mike is everyone’s go-to "Mr. Build-It" hero around Mountain Rose Herbs. As a Certified Facility Manager and member of the International Facility Management Association, Mike oversees the upkeep and maintenance of our buildings, equipment and vehicles, manages our Zero Waste staff and leads our renovation and construction projects. He is also a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and our repurposing expert. Mike recently earned the designation “Chartered Facilities Management Surveyor” from RICS, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The combination of these credentials shows his peers that Mike maintains the gold standard in Facilities Management.

A devoted world traveler with a deep passion for pre-Columbian South American history, Mike has explored 19 countries, studying the political, social, cultural, and natural beauty of each region, always with a camera in hand. When not planning an upcoming adventure, he’ll be found editing photos from previous excursions or hiking in preparation for his next Andean trek. We’re always excited to ogle the gorgeous pictures and hear the fascinating stories he brings back from these grand journeys abroad.

Mike's Favorite Picks:

Red Rooibos Tea, Chai Tea, Ginseng, Kava Kava, White Sage, Cardamom Pods

Meghan Bar - Procurement Manager

Meghan Barr

Procurement Manager


Born and raised in coastal Massachusetts, Meghan’s love of nature started with the sea and a desire to identify each thing she found in the tide pools. She had wonderful environmental science teachers throughout her schooling who expanded her education beyond the tide pools, and these days she can’t pass by a new tree without the urge to identify it. Meghan oversees our Procurement Department, which works closely with our farms and other vendors to ensure a steady supply of high-quality herbs, teas, and spices are available. Meghan enjoys learning something new every day about the growing and harvesting techniques of all the botanicals we work with. Outside of work, you can find her doing anything crafty, from glass bead making, to sewing, to knitting. If she can create something, she’s happy. She has traveled to 10 different countries, where she happily consumes all of the local favorite dishes, shops for the strangest things she can find, and seeks out local art.

Meghan’s Favorite Picks:

carrier oils, essential oils, and anything she can use to make soap or other body care products

Dana Chestnut - Regulatory Compliance Manager

Dana Chestnut

Regulatory Compliance Manager


Dana is in charge of the important and complex world of regulatory compliance here at Mountain Rose, including all matters concerning the FDA, USDA Food Safety Division, Oregon Tilth Organic Certification, Earth Kosher inspections, Fair Trade auditing, Pest and Hygiene management, and more. Dana came to the company with intimate knowledge of the organic industry, as her small farm on the McKenzie River is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. When she is not enforcing the multitude of regulatory requirements at Mountain Rose Herbs, she may be found enjoying life at home in the idyllic surroundings of the McKenzie River. A portion of her five-acre parcel is dedicated to the sustainable management of woodland herbs such as ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot, and black cohosh.

Dana's Favorite Picks:

Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rose Skin Cream, Thai Curry Spice Blend, Shea Butter

Jamie Vojtech - Claims And Returns Manager

Jamie Vojtech

Claims and Returns Manager


Jamie and the hardworking team in the Claims Department are your go-to if you need a solution in a hurry. They take pride in helping and advocating for our customers, and they love to take on the challenges that they face every day. Jamie enjoys the outdoors, mushrooming, gardening, and tending to her chickens and rabbits. When not at work, you will most likely find her outside, possibly playing in some good, wholesome, organic mud. If the weather is just too rough for that, she would most likely be found in the kitchen working on a new pickle recipe, batch of home brew, or crafting by the fireplace.

Jamie's Favorite Picks:

Garlic Granules, Pickling Spice, Kava Kava Powder, Unrefined Coconut Oil

Teri Schlesinger - Shipping Supervisor

Teri Schlesinger

Shipping Supervisor


Teri grew up on the East Coast and a piece of her heart still rides the waves on the Jersey Shore. When not weaving among our thousands of organic delights, Teri can be found staying active on her bicycle, snow shoes, or hiking boots. She shares an overflowing garden and empty nest cottage with her partner, and a plethora of visiting neighborhood felines. She is an avid reader of all sorts of books, and particularly enjoys reading to her grandson, Calvin. She joined MRH seven years ago after several years of working with a local wholesale plant nursery, and she now appreciates spending the muddy growing season indoors.

Teri's Favorite Picks:

Patchouli essential oil, Chamomile Tea, Valerian

Julia Findon - Inventory Manager

Julia Findon

Inventory Manager


Julia is originally from Boston and a proud Red Sox and Patriots fan. She is an avid reader, especially books about food, sustainability, and the ecological impact of agriculture. She has been car-free for more than five years and uses a bike as her main means of transportation – including to our offices every day. Her favorite places are the Farmer’s Market and lifting weights at the gym.

Julia's Favorite Picks:

Julia loves the freshness of our spices and the astounding variety of our teas. She said, "Don’t ask me to pick just one!"

Mary Applebaum - Controller

Mary Appelbaum



Mary is our Controller and supervises all of accounting. She wears many hats for this role and does it all with excellence and a keen eye for detail. She has been with Mountain Rose Herbs since 2016, with a career in accounting that spans 25 years. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and on the coast, trying out new recipes, and practicing self-care. She is also an avid reader, even started a book club that has met monthly for seven years. Mary has three grown children and loves cooking holiday meals for them. She also parents two energetic and loving dogs, Suki and Ruby, who keep her entertained. Mary is glad to be part of the Mountain Rose Herbs family.

Mary's Favorite Picks:

Green Sunrise Tea, Coconut Rooibos Tea, Ylang ylang Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

Sheena November - Retail Store Manager

Sheena November

Retail Store Manager


Sheena is our Retail Store Manager for the Mountain Rose Herbs Mercantile. An Oregonian since 1998, she quickly fell in love with the beauty and wonderment of the Pacific Northwest. Sheena earned her bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon and her master's degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She has volunteered for Mt. Pisgah's Native Plant Nursery as well as Working Class Acupuncture, a community clinic. She spent over six years co-managing SeQuential Biofuels Retail. She is passionate about botany, ecology, photography, mushroom foraging, wildcrafting, herbal and alternative medicine, and playing in the forests and rivers.

Sheena's Favorite Picks:

Turmeric Chai and Mint Chocolate Mate, Ginger Root, Unrefined Coconut Oil, and essential oils.

Chris Baumgardt - IT Manager

Chris Baumgardt

IT Manager


Chris is responsible for all things technology-related and leads a team of tech geeks who maintain our website, internal applications, and network. With almost 30 years of IT experience in a diverse set of industries, from the USAF, to computer security, to natural products, he brings a wide-ranging skill set to Mountain Rose Herbs. Chris has lived in California, Texas, Virginia, Panama, Japan, and Korea. He has settled in Oregon for the last 15 years and continues to love to travel and see the world. He is avidly involved in Historical Fencing and the recreation of the sword fighting styles of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. When not crossing blades with friends, he can be found playing and designing video games, home brewing, and playing ball with his dog Zorro.

Chris's Favorite Picks:

Earl Grey, Honeybush, and Ancient Forest teas, Arnica Flowers, and essential oils