Cosmetic Salts

We are pleased to offer some of the purest, most luxurious cosmetic salts from around the world.

Mountain Rose Herbs has selected a carefully curated line of salts specifically for skin care enthusiasts of natural bath and body care products. This grouping of exotic salts are often blended with essential oils, dried herbs, or other botanicals to create the perfect DIY bath blends, therapeutic soaks and they can be applied to your favorite exfoliating facial scrub. Mountain Rose Herbs is careful and considerate with regards to the sustainable sourcing of all our cosmetic salts, and we are committed to ensuring that they are harvested in an ethical and responsible manner. From a classic Epsom bath salt, which is high in magnesium, to mineral rich Red Alaea, we are proud to offer a diverse sampling of salts from around the world.

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Cosmetic Salts

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