Herbal Oils

Enjoy our line of infused herbal oils hand-crafted in-house by our skilled artisans using certified organic ingredients.

Infused herbal oils have long been valued to support healthy skin and assist us during times of healing needs. From aching muscles and abrasions to other skin conditions, we offer a complete line of herb-infused oils. Wide-ranging and a healing cupboard staple, our line of herbal oils can assist you with all your needs. Whether for occasional physical exertion, work-worn hands, or simply as tender loving care for the skin and ears. Our line of herbal oils crafted by Mountain Rose Herbs in-house by skilled artisans using exclusively certified organic botanicals and oils. We are also proud to offer a small sampling of skin care oil products from third-party vendors who we have grown to trust and admire.

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Herbal Oils

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