Tax Exemption Form PDFs

If you are purchasing Mountain Rose Herbs products for resale, wholesale, or as an ingredient or element of an item for resale, you may submit a completed state sales and/or use tax exemption document for review*. You need to be registered on our website for documents to be processed and applied.

Due to the changes affecting interstate commerce resulting from the SCOTUS Wayfair v S. Dakota case of 2018, information required to establish exemption has become more detailed. Provision of a tax ID number, business license, tax license, sellers permit, or copy of a certificate of authority is not adequate to establish exemption in every state.

A list of the required documents for states with sales tax is provided here. A completed document for each state where you receive goods, or a completed Multijurisdictional form where applicable and acceptable, is required for exemption/s to apply. Please provide all required information, including your registered business name, on your certificate: incorrect or missing information or provision of incorrect forms will delay processing.

The information provided on your exemption certificate will be reviewed for the required elements, and the state registration ID number provided for your business will be verified. This is estimated to take 3 to 15 business days depending on the volume of certificates to be processed. Documents are processed in the order they are received. We are unable to apply certificates to orders placed prior to validation.

You may submit your completed documentation by:

- emailing it as a PDF file to

-faxing it to 206-792-4312, or

-mailing it to Mountain Rose Herbs PO Box 50220 Eugene OR 97405, Attn: Tax Coordinator

Due to the complex nature of individual state tax regulations, we are not qualified to advise you as to the taxability of items in your particular jurisdiction or for your business or assist with the completion of tax exemption forms. Please visit your state’s department of tax administration website or consult a qualified tax professional for guidance. 

*If your organization is exempt from state tax for another reason, please provide the correct documentation or contact