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Local Herb Growers

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Looking for fresh, organic herbs from a farm near you? The following directory is a list of recommended certified organic local herb growers with fewer than 40 acres in cultivation, sorted by region. Since our beginnings, we’ve always encouraged folks to buy fresh and to buy local. We hope you enjoy this resource!

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Bountiful Earth Farm LLC

Allison Park, PA

(412) 656-5517

Greenhill Collective

Warner, NH

(603) 540-1156

Hatch Knoll Farm

Jonesboro, ME

(207) 434-2674

Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center

Avoca, NY

(607) 566-2701

Herbal Revolution Farm and Apothecary

Union, ME

(207) 713-0856

Power Farm Herbals

Falmouth, ME

(207) 232-1923

Sawmill Herb Farm

Florence, MA

(413) 268-4372

Turning Wheel Farm

Bowdoinham, ME

(207) 380-5355

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Hyde Park, VT

(802) 888-7278


Blossoming Lotus Herbs

Elmira, OR

(541) 688-2688

Eaglemount Farm

Port Townsend, WA

Friends of the Trees Botanicals

Port Haddock, WA

(360) 643-9178

Olde Thyme Herbal

North Bend, OR

(541) 756-5955

Oshala Farm

Applegate, OR

(541) 846-1120

Pachamama Farms and Wellness

Longmont, CO

(716) 860-3594

Pleasant Oaks Farm

Rogue River, OR

(541) 582-8188

Thyme Garden Herb Company

Alsea, OR

(541) 207-5992


Foggy River Farm

Sunderland, ON

(647) 459-0559