Turkey Rhubarb Root Extract

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Botanical Name: Rheum palmatum
Extraction: 1:4 Dried Root
Alcohol Percent: 55% - 65%
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Rheum palmatum is an herbaceous perennial in the knotweed or Polygonaceae family. Turkey rhubarb is a cousin of the common edible rhubarb but is much larger in size. This herbaceous perennial has thick, deep roots and large, palmately lobed leaves which grow up to two feet in width. Turkey rhubarb can grow quickly, reaching mature heights of six feet tall. The plant is native to western China and northern Tibet but can be cultivated worldwide.

For hundreds of years, turkey rhubarb has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its beneficial properties. The herb was traded along ancient spice trade routes into Europe where it was incorporated into traditional European herbalism. Turkey rhubarb root extract is astringent in taste and it is often blended into formulations. Turkey rhubarb tincture can be taken in water or juice.

Organic grain alcohol, distilled water, organic turkey rhubarb root.

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