All-Natural Perfume Making

Author: Kristen Schuhmann
Published: 2021
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All-Natural Perfume Making by herbalist Kristen Schuhmann is a must have for the natural aromatherapist and DIY body care enthusiast. A perfect beginners guide, Schuhmann explains the tools needed for success and then dives straight into perfume making. The author lays a foundation of the basics by defining essential oils, fragrances, absolutes, and more. From there, the reader is introduced to commonly used aromatherapy scents before being gently guided into the art of blending essential oils and crafting perfumes.

An easy-to-follow 127 page guide, All-Natural Perfume Making includes charts and plenty of photography for the visually inclined. Step by step instructions as well as expert tips and techniques for storing and bottling are provided for botanical alcohol, oil, and solid based perfumes. Feel confident crafting your own unique perfumes or stick to Schuhmann’s reliable and beautiful recipes including relaxation, cleansing, and even chakra aroma blends.

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