Author: Kimberly Gallagher
Published: 2021
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Are you seeking to deepen your connection with yourself, your creativity, a partner, or nature? In Aphrodisiac, author Kimberly Gallagher provides an enticing and encompassing guide for a holistic understanding of sexuality and the many ways it manifests. With over 20 years of experience working with healing plants, Gallagher provides monographs of 13 herbs traditionally used for their amorousness. Throughout the 359 pages, the reader will also find alluring body care and culinary recipes, mindful meditations, and intentional exercises throughout each chapter.

This engaging book delights the senses with its tempting pictures, gentle guidance, and range of experiences. Chapters like “Falling in Love with Your Body”, “Channeling Erotic Energy into Vitality and Creativity”, and “Deep Nourishment” provide ways we can explore self-care, relationship care, and the many ways pleasure manifests. It will be hard to put this sensuous book down once you pick it up!

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