Eucalyptus Roll-On

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Our organic eucalyptus roll-on is a bright and invigorating blend that is ready to use at a skin-safe 2% dilution. Created in small batches, this roll-on bottle conveniently travels with you in a pocket, bag, or car.

Eucalyptus essential oil has a fresh, green, and camphoraceous scent that is often used to support clear breathing. It is also helpful to uplift a foggy mind and encourages emotional openness and release. Our easy-to-use roll-on blends are crafted in a base of fractionated coconut oil. This clear and odorless base absorbs quickly and won’t leave behind oily residue.

Use this handy roll-on blend on pulse points, on the chest, or for an energizing personal boost. Eucalyptus oil can contain up to 65% 1-8-cineol or eucalyptol, which accounts for its sharp, almost spicy aroma and cooling qualities on skin.

Organic fractionated coconut MCT oil and organic eucalyptus essential oil.