Spice Apothecary

Author: Bevin Clare
Published: 2020
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Spice Apothecary is a thoughtfully orchestrated book by clinical herbalist and nutritionist, Bevin Clare. This book explores the wellness-supporting properties of 19 familiar spices, all of which are typically found in the home kitchen or at your local store. Read about the history of the spice trade and learn about plant parts, how spices work, storage techniques, and ways to easily incorporate these spices as a daily tonic into your everyday cooking.

Bevin includes easy to follow charts on the traditional uses, specific measurements, and appropriate herbs for specific health conditions for each of the featured spices include black pepper, calendula, holy basil, rosemary, and turmeric to name a few. This new sure-to-be favorite on your bookshelf also includes the art of blending spices and provides global flavor profiles as well as recipes for creative spice blends. The text is accompanied by beautiful photos and is a reminder that spices can be both health-boosting and joyful.

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