Wide Mouth Glass Jar

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Wide Mouth Glass Jar

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Classic and appealing, these wide mouth clear glass jars with cork top are perfect for storing dry goods or displaying your handcrafted creations!

Manufactured in Spain from 100% recycled glass, these whimsical antiquarian style jars are delightful for potpourri, tea, coffee, herbal blends, burnable resins, bath salts, beans, grains, and for decorative purposes.

They are available individually and can hold between 8-16 oz. of dry material depending on the mass (fluffiness or density) of your material.

Jar is squared with round neck. Dimensions are 4 7/8” wide at base, tapering into 4” in diameter at the neck, and measuring 4” height at shoulder. Total height with cork is 5 1/2”.

These jars can accommodate up to a 3 1/2" wide x 3” height label and are suitable for food or cosmetic use. Label size is a suggestion, please make sure to test label size for your application.

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