Occasionally, we run out of stock of particular items rather unexpectedly, and we will issue an “Out Of Stock" notice on your invoice. While we may have the item in stock at the time that you place your order, by the time it gets sent for final processing, our stock may become deficient.

This may be due in part to a surge in orders for a particular item that reached our warehouse before your order and thus created a zero inventory for the item you wanted. While we apologize for any inconvenience surrounding out of stock items, we are sometimes obliged to issue such statements on your invoice. In the event that you receive an "Out Of Stock" notice on your invoice, we simply ask that you reorder at a later date, usually within 1-2 weeks, depending on the item.

You will not be charged for items discovered to be out of stock before your order is processed, and shipping will be adjusted accordingly. For items that have gone out of stock after processing, please see Backorders below.

We understand that you are awaiting all of your products, and it is our policy that we will contact you if more than ¼ of the items on your order become unavailable. If you require all items to be in stock before processing, please indicate this in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout, and we will notify you regarding any discovered out of stock items after your order is submitted. If you have ordered by check and an item has gone out of stock, we will issue a store credit that you may use at your convenience, or we can refund your credit amount 30 days after the invoice date of your order.


Occasionally, we run short of stock on particular items and issue a "Backorder" on your invoice. This occurs when you were charged and invoiced for a particular product by our customer service representatives, but by the time it enters the warehouse for fulfillment we find that the item is temporarily unavailable.

In this instance, we will issue a small backorder notice that clearly explains your item will ship once our stock replenishes. Fulfilling backorders generally takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the product. You always have the option of cancelling your backorder for a refund if you wish. Please feel free to contact our customer service department.