Blue Cohosh Extract, Forest Grown

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Botanical Name: Caulophyllum thalictroides
Extraction: 1:3 Fresh Root
Alcohol Percent: 50% - 60%
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We are proud to offer our forest grown blue cohosh extract made from fresh, certified organic, forest cultivated blue cohosh root. This extract is a culmination of a unique partnership between Mountain Rose Herbs, United Plant Savers’ Forest Grown Verification program, and dedicated herb growers in Appalachia. Our forest grown product line was created to encourage conservation through cultivation as over-harvesting and habitat loss have resulted in the decline of blue cohosh and other wild forest botanicals. Our blue cohosh roots are consciously collected from private forests in their native woodland habitat, stewarded by farmers who are dedicated to preserving this important plant for the future.

Native to the eastern United States and Canada, blue cohosh is a woodland plant with a long history of traditional uses. Caulophyllum thalictroides is a rhizomatous perennial in the Berberidaceae family, cousin to barberry, goldenseal, and Oregon grape root. The word cohosh comes from the Algonquin people meaning “rough”, referring to the texture of the root. Emerging in early spring, blue cohosh produces purple-green flowers which ripen into bright blue berries in the fall. Although the berries are poisonous, the root has traditionally been utilized for its healthful properties.

Blue cohosh root has a long history of use amongst Native Americans. A powerful herb, it is known for its affinity for the female reproductive system as well as for its other beneficial properties. The root is typically prepared as a topical application, steeped as blue cohosh tea, or macerated as a liquid extract.

Our forest grown blue cohosh extract is carefully curated from its forest farmed habitat to its small batch maceration at our extract facility in Eugene, Oregon. Oftentimes utilized for specific purposes by qualified practitioners, this liquid extract can be taken in water or juice.

Organic alcohol, water, and forest grown fresh organic blue cohosh root.

Packaging & Shipping
• 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz. extracts come in amber glass bottles with a dropper.
• 8 oz. size comes in an amber glass bottle with a plastic screw cap and does not include a dropper.
• 32 oz. extracts come in plastic bottles with a plastic screw cap.

Please note: All bulk sizes of 8 oz. and larger are produced to order. Please allow an additional three days for processing.

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