Borage Seeds

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Botanical Name: Borago officinalis
Seeds per Pack: 30
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Borago officinalis is a beautiful, sprawling annual that prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Part of the flowering Boraginaceae family, it produces lovely drooping bright blue flowers which are prized by pollinators. Borage is most often grown for its seeds that are collected and used for producing borage seed oil.

Borage blooms from June through September. Described as a sturdy plant growing up to two feet or more at maturity, borage has grayish green and fuzzy, oblong leaves. Once established outside, this prolific self-seeding herb will return year after year.

Borage seeds are best suited for growing zones two to eleven, requiring little maintenance. Seeds can be started indoors prior to spring planting, or, once the last frost has passed, they can be scattered outside in a prepared, dedicated area. If planting outside directly, it is best to sow seeds in rows that are at least 12 inches apart. Once sprouts emerge, thin seedlings out to one foot of space between starts as they grow quickly.

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