Chickweed Seeds

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Chickweed Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Stellaria media
Strictly Medicinals
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Stellaria media does best in colder climates growing in moist, rich soil, in a partially shaded location. Chickweed is a ground covering herb that grows low and spreads quickly. It contains minerals and vitamins, making it a favorite for adding to meals or salads. Leaves can also be collected and dried for making teas.

Chickweed is identifiable by its many small oval leaves and tiny star-like white flowers that bloom in the late winter through spring. Chickweed grows no more than an inch or so tall and sprawls outwards by at least a foot and likes to clump with other plants.

Chickweed can be propagated by seed as well as by its rooting nodes and can spread very quickly. Seeds can be started at any point in the year. Select a planting location, scatter seeds and cover with a light layer of soil. Be sure to keep the ground moist for germination to occur.

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