Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs

Author: Richo Cech
Published: 2017
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The westward expansion in North America has not been without its ecological consequences. We have done more harm to our environment in two centuries than the Greeks managed to do to theirs in around 4,000 years. Sadly, many cherished plants have been completely wiped out or had their ranges severely compromised. Due to many herbalists no longer recommending the wild harvesting of certain valuable botanicals, there is now a boon in the conscious cultivation of these threatened plants.

In this book, Oregon seed grower Richo Cech provides step-by-step instructions to the cultivation of rare botanicals. Including information about the plant's traditional range, ecology, starting seeds, general care, harvesting, processing, and storage, this book is a one-stop resource for growing threatened botanicals. Covering black cohosh, American ginseng, goldenseal, osha, peyote, slippery elm, wild yam, and more, Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs is sure to make a difference in the quest to preserve these valuable plant allies for generations to come.

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