Medicinal Mushrooms

Author: Christopher Hobbs
Published: 2020
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What is being called “nothing less than a masterpiece”, author, herbal clinician, and mycologist, Christopher Hobbs provides an expert educational guide of healthful fungi in Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide. Within this engaging 270 paged book, you will find 20 monographs highlighting both popular and lesser-known medicinal mushrooms. Learn identification techniques, what to look for in commercial products, appropriate dosage information, and effective processing methods amongst other skills.

Stunning photographs are found throughout the book, illustrating the visual beauty of mushrooms, their lifecycles, medicine making methods, and more. With four decades of experience, Hobbs illustrates the healthful benefits of mushrooms including to boost immunity, improve memory, and expand consciousness. Saturated in scientific research and dappled with philosophical wisdom, Medicinal Mushrooms is a true delight to read. This is a must have for anyone interested in fungi, herbs, or the natural world.

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