Lavender Linen Spray

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This essential oil based linen spray will freshen up your linens without harmful synthetic fragrances. Lemon, fir needle, and lavender essential oils add a fun twist to this delicately scented spray. The result is a lightly floral-citrus scent with woody notes that is not overly flowery.

Unlike many linen sprays on the market, our botanical linen spray contains only 100% organic essential oils, organic witch hazel extract, and distilled water.

Linen sprays are commonly used to refresh sheets, clothes, blankets, and comforters between washings. They can also be used on carpets, curtains, or any fabric that needs deodorizing. This aroma spray can also be used as an ironing or room spray.

Distilled water, organic witch hazel extract, organic lemon essential oil, organic fir needle essential oil, and organic lavender essential oil.

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