Lomatium Extract

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Botanical Name: Lomatium dissectum
Extraction: 1:3 Fresh Root
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Lomatium, also called fernleaf biscuitroot, desert parsley, and giant lomatium, amongst other names, is a perennial herb with a thick, woody taproot. Native to western North America, lomatium root has a long history of use and has traditionally had an important role within many Native American tribes, serving as food, medicine, and as a ceremonial plant. The aromatic root, considered energetically warming and drying, is valued for its wellness-supporting properties and affinity for the lungs. Historically, its tender young shoots and taproots were used as food or made into a beverage.

A member of the Apiaceae family, lomatium hosts a flowering head consisting of an umbel of small yellow-to-purplish flowers. Its leaves begin to grow in early spring and are pinnately compound. Additionally, early flowering makes this plant an important species for pollinators as well as critical early forage for elk, deer, and antelope. Lomatium dissectum is the largest member of Lomatium genus and most widely used today. It is a slow growing species of Lomatium that is common in sagebrush and mountainous habitats.

Organic grain alcohol, distilled water, and lomatium root.

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