Morocco Diffuser

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A striking bohemian design, the Morocco essential oil diffuser is made out of handcrafted metal and features a faux flame candle to add both ambiance and fragrance to a space. This ultrasonic diffuser is BPA free and runs up to 16 hours. Create your chosen atmosphere between rotating colors, a fixed color, a warm white light, or no light. The faux candle can also be used stand alone without diffusion.

The Morocco diffuser will run continuously or alternate between misting time. The large water reservoir holds 250 mL filling up to 1000 sq ft with a fine aromatic mist, perfect for larger rooms and open spaces. To use, simply remove the lid, add water to the reservoir, drop your favorite essential oil scents into the water, and replace the lid.

To clean after use, empty the water chamber of any remaining liquid and wipe down with a paper towel or cloth. Once the chamber has completely dried, it is ready to be stored away or used with a new essential oil blend. 

Diffuser measures 10” tall and 5” in diameter. AC wall adapter that plugs into the BPA-free plastic base included.