Willow Forest Diffuser

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With a clean and subtle elegance, this medium-sized essential oil diffuser provides a soothing ambiance. The cylindrical shape is encased by hand stamped metal with a design of willow trees cut out to create the sense of a forest. With color options of fresh white or striking black, this piece will accent any environment it adorns, and is completely BPA-free. The diffuser is illuminated from within by rotating colored lights that contribute an added peacefulness or enjoy a more subtle experience with the lights turned off. Bring the essence of nature into your surroundings and embrace the world of aromatherapy with this enchanting device. Simply add water and your favorite essential oils to delight your senses for up to six hours of enjoyment. The ultra-fine mist radiates in an area of up to 1,000 square feet. The graceful willow forest essential oil diffuser holds up to 170 mL of water and is all set to use with the included power adapter. Enhance your setting with the addition of this calming piece and savor the benefits of the aroma emanating from within.

To use, remove the top of the diffuser, fill the inner chamber with water, add your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend, replace the lid, and turn the diffuser on to release aroma into your large room or open space.

To clean after use, empty the water chamber of any remaining liquid and wipe down with a paper towel or cloth. Once the chamber has completely dried, it is ready to be stored away or used with a new essential oil blend.

Dimensions: 5” diameter x 8” tall

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