Mullein Seeds

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Mullein Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Verbascum thapsus
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Verbascum thapsus can often be found growing in open fields, along roadsides, and in other disturbed areas. Mullein does especially well in areas with well-draining soil and direct sunlight. A member of the Scrophulariaceae family, it has large light green, soft foliage similar in appearance to lamb’s ear. The leaves and flowers are collected and used fresh or dried.

Mullein can grow up to seven feet in height in ideal conditions. It is characterized by a rosette of long fuzzy pale green leaves that sprout a pinnacle of tightly packed, bright yellow flowers in its second year. This biennial blooms throughout the summer and develops seed pods in autumn. Shortly after the seed pods drop the plant will die.

Mullein is considered invasive in some areas and is easily propagated by seed. The seeds can be scattered directly over soil outside in the spring and require little maintenance. Sprouts should appear within a couple of weeks.

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