The Mountain Rose Herbs Book of Natural Body Care

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The Mountain Rose Herbs Book of Natural Body Care

Shawn Donnille
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Over the years, many people have asked, “When are you going to write a book?” Now we are pleased to say, “We did it!” We have taken thirty-plus years of herbal living and crafting expertise and created our first book, The Mountain Rose Herbs Book of Natural Body Care.

This book is structured for beginning body care crafters, although it is also a good inspiration and recipe source for those who have more experience with the herbal arts. The hard cover book starts with foundational knowledge, including tools and supplies, herbs, essential oils, and safe substitutions and modifications. The 68 step-by-step recipes include botanical hair, facial, and lip care, formulations for glowing skin, support for hardworking hands and feet, shower and bath enhancements, and herbal remedies for common ailments.

Drawing from the years of tested, reliable recipes we share on our blog, the recipes in this book use simple, natural, sustainable ingredients and leave room for endless exploration and customization. Make time for self care with this beautiful guide to natural body care.