A Kids Herb Book

Author: Lesley Tierra
Published: 2009
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This is an excellent book to introduce children to the world of herbs. Lesley Tierra has created a one-of-a-kind treasure for kids and parents alike. A Kid's Herb Book gets children involved in caring about their health at an early age. Lots of great mythical illustrations help create a magical experience. Additionally, the advice and recipes in the book are based on Tierra's years of clinical and hands-on experience as an herbalist and a mother. This delightful book is packed with 264 pages of illustrations, charming herb facts, coloring pages, herb check lists, funny stories, herbal bed time stories, a "how to make" section, herbal mythology written for kids, and a plethora of engaging herbal information for the little ones. So fun, even adults will have a hard time putting it down!