No Irradiation or Sterilization

Mountain Rose Herbs is firmly against the use of the treatment methods irradiation, X-Ray, ozone, Ethylene Oxide, and in many cases steam sterilization. Exposing plant materials to any of these methods can seriously jeopardize the integrity of the plant material. In the rare event that we must treat materials, it is our policy to strictly use a low heat steam method.

Temperature Controlled Facility

Our facilities are kept at optimal temperatures for the proper storage of our herbal products. This allows us to ensure the freshness and quality of our organic herbal goods from the time they arrive at Mountain Rose Herbs until they are delivered to your door.

Fast Product Turnover Rate

All herbs and spices stocked and processed by Mountain Rose Herbs were purchased strategically, so the products arrive in their freshest state, within a short period of time from the harvest.

Organic, Kosher, and GMP Handling

Our trained and qualified staff handles all the products offered by Mountain Rose Herbs with precision and care. All of the products we offer are accurately labeled, true to botanical type, processed under hygienic conditions, and handled with complete professionalism.

We currently have in place strict protocols surrounding the proper treatment and storage of dried botanicals with every facet of its production monitored and logged. Our entire warehouse staff have performed mandatory Organic Handling Training drafted by OTA and recognized by OTCO with the intention of protecting organic handling and processing conditions. In addition to strict organic handling, our facilities and staff have been formally introduced and trained to work under cGMP conditions. To further our commitment to complete quality control, we are also certified through Earth Kosher Services who conduct quarterly inspections of our facilities.

Monitoring Quality

In order to guarantee a high quality product, we carry our strict standards into the warehouse.

Within our facilities and in our day-to-day work schedules, the Quality Control team routinely checks and logs each and every facet within our warehouse and production rooms. These routine checks help us monitor and record cleaning schedules, maintain equipment sterilization, perform swab sampling to test for surface cleanliness, and audit for environmental conditions.

The environmental conditions monitored include strict pest control procedures, temperature and humidity controls, and the monitoring of staff and grounds cleanliness. All materials are kept from exposure to light (both natural and artificial), and the humidity of our warehouse is digitally controlled so that it never exceeds 50% humidity at any time. In addition to this we maintain a temperature controlled facility which maintains a yearly temperature average between 68-71 degrees.