Anywhere Diffuser, Replacement Wicks Only

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While we have sold out of our anywhere diffusers, we are still offering the five-pack replacement wicks for a limited time.

A sleek option for aromatherapy on the go! This diffuser is perfect for travel, commuting, office spaces, and more. To operate, fill the cavity with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend, place one of the included wicks inside, screw the top back on, and diffuse. Be sure to screw the lid on with care, it is easy to accidentally hit the power button when doing so. The wick inside the diffuser must be completely wet with water in order to work properly. It is recommended to dip the wick in the diffuser water before using for the first time to ensure proper dispersal of the essential oils. Wick can be used continuously or exchange a fresh wick when diffusing a new essential oil blend.

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