Body into Balance

Author: Maria Noel Groves
Published: 2016
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Pharmaceutical remedies may temporarily soothe your pain, but don’t cure the cause of your symptoms. Many common medical conditions are actually clues to a deeper imbalance in your body, and learning to read those clues is a key step in maintaining optimal health. Herbalist Maria Noël Groves shows you how to read your body’s signals and support your own wellness with herbal remedies and other natural treatments.

You’ll learn how each of your major body systems- respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous, memory, reproductive, circulatory, and more- optimally functions, and you’ll discover how to use natural remedies to restore lost vitality, support your whole body, and prevent future problems. This lovely book includes in-depth instructions, with step-by-step photographs, for making your own herbal remedies, as well as expert guidance on buying and effectively using commercial preparations.

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