Cleavers Seeds

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Cleavers Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Galium aparine
Strictly Medicinals
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Galium aparine is a creeping herbaceous ground cover that prefers partial sun and moist soil. A member of the Rubiaceae family, cleavers are covered in many tiny, hooked hairs, which grow out of leaves and stems. The leaves and roots are collected midsummer before flowers bloom and can be used fresh or dried.

Cleavers can grow to be three feet or more in length and sprawl outwards as they grow. They bloom tiny white flowers in late summer months which then turn into burr like fruits, often sticking to animals and people upon contact.

Seeds can be planted directly outside later in the summer or early fall. Seeds will germinate fairly quickly, and plants must be kept in moist soil as they tend to scald in drier environments.

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 Organic Cleavers
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