White Sage, Cultivated

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Botanical Name: Salvia apiana
Origin: USA
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White sage is an evergreen shrub in the mint family with tall woody stems and tiny white flowers that are a favorite of bees. This beloved plant is found wild in a specialized habitat consisting of sunny, arid slopes located in southern and Baja California. Due to increased popularity, pressures from human development, and changing climate conditions, Salvia apiana is at risk for overharvest and listed on the United Plant Savers “To Watch” list. Aware of these pressures on wild populations, we are dedicated to offering organically cultivated white sage in an effort to preserve this respected botanical for future generations and increase ecological resiliency.

Our certified organic cultivated white sage is a new project near and dear to our hearts. Pioneering the field of cultivating white sage, Mountain Rose Herbs and our farm partners are committed to organic farming methods, ecological stewardship, and the long-term sustainability of this important botanical. Our organic white sage is a respectable option for those seeking a sustainable source of white sage leaves.

For centuries, white sage has been a revered botanical for many Native American tribes. White sage has a history of traditional uses both for its healthful qualities as well as ceremonial use. Mountain Rose Herbs recognizes the long-established cultural and spiritual significance white sage holds for many indigenous cultures and the stewardship that has ensued for generations.

Also known as California white sage and greasewood, many prominent herbalists have suggested that enthusiasts consider growing their own white sage. This is a wonderful way to form a relationship with the plant while also growing your own personal supply. You can purchase white sage seeds here.

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