Douglas Fir Hydrosol

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Douglas Fir Hydrosol

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Botanical Name:
Pseudotsuga menziesii
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Organic Douglas fir hydrosol has a subtle woodsy aroma that encourages deep breathing and meditation. It makes a wonderful grounding note for water-based perfumes and blends well with other forest notes to create a personalized woodland aromatherapy experience.

With a soft forest-like aroma that has green and slightly balsamic undertones, Douglas fir hydrosol will transport you to wooded groves.

Organic Douglas fir hydrosol is ideal for cleaning product recipes and helps to create fragrance blends or body care products that can suit almost any preference. Combine with rosemary hydrosol for an awakening herbal mist. For a more feminine aroma blend with rose or geranium, to bring out the masculine notes of the fir combine with helichrysum, lemon verbena, or peppermint.

Douglas fir hydrosol is artfully crafted here in the Pacific Northwest via water-steam distillation of the fresh needles Pseudotsuga menziesii. Suitable for cosmetic use.

The 3oz. size comes in an amber glass bottle with a mister top. Our 8oz., 16 oz., 64 oz., and 1 gallon bulk sizes come in plastic bottles without misters.