Honeysuckle Flowers

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Honeysuckle Flowers

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Botanical Name:
Lonicera japonica
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Product Details

This sweet-smelling flowering vine can be found across Northern America and throughout the northern regions of Eurasia. Honeysuckle gets its name from the edible nectar found inside its tube-shaped flowers. In North America, the sweet smell of nectar combines with the colorful showing of flowers to attract hummingbirds as one of their lucky pollinators. 

As a dried herb honeysuckle can help support skin health, it is particularly soothing on mature and sensitive skin. Try making an infusion to use as a toner, incorporate into your facial wash, or try as a wonderful addition to homemade bar soaps.

Honeysuckle flowers are most used in the form of a tincture, oil infusion, or a tea. If you’re looking for a new way to promote the soothing of occasional skin irritations, aid in the clearing of free-radicals, or support a healthy gut system, try one of the above forms of ingesting this powerful flower.


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