Lemon Balm Seeds

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Lemon Balm Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Melissa officinalis
Strictly Medicinals
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Lemon balm is a bushy herb that grows best in well-draining soil and partially shaded areas. Melissa officinalis is a member of the Lamiaceae family and like other plants of this family is distinctly fragrant. It has an aroma and taste that can best be described as lemon-like or citrusy with herbaceous undertones. The fresh and dried leaves are traditionally used in cooking and for making teas. The oil extracted from the herb is used in cosmetics and fragrance.

Characterized by its many fuzzy, soft, green leaves, lemon balm typically grows two feet in height. If left to bloom, expect a flurry of pollinators and honeybees. Removing the flower stalks will encourage new leaf growth and prevent self-seeding.

To grow, scatter and tamp seeds directly into moist soil in the spring or summer after the danger of frost has passed. Seeds are slow to germinate, but they will grow quickly once established. Lemon balm can also be started from other plant cuttings.

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