Lifeline Medicinal Seeds Kit

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This quintessential organic seed set contain a variety of herbs that will help you grow a bountiful herb garden. The Lifeline Medicinal Seeds Kit will allow you to grow a variety of medicinal plants in your garden for your own personal use.

Packaged in earth-friendly recycled paper and cellophane, the kit includes:

 Feverfew (200 seeds)
 Holy basil (50 seeds)
 Burdock (100 seeds)
 Calendula (50 seeds)
 German chamomile (500 seeds)
 Echinacea purpurea (100 seeds)
 Elecampane (100 seeds)
 Evening primrose (200 seeds)
 Flax (200 seeds)
 Lemon balm (100 seeds)
 Marshmallow (100 seeds)
 Motherwort (100 seeds)
 Nettle (200 seeds)
 Cayenne pepper (50 seeds)
 Sage (100 seeds)
 Valerian (100 seeds)
 Wood betony (100 seeds)
 Yarrow (200 seeds)

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