Spikenard Root Extract

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Botanical Name: Aralia racemosa
Extraction: 1:4 Dried Root
Alcohol Percent: 40% - 50%
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Indigenous to eastern North America, China, Japan, and the mountains of northern India, Aralia racemosa grows in moist and shaded habitats. This herbaceous perennial is a member of the ginseng family and features umbels of fragrant, small, white flowers in spring which ripen into bright, purple berries in early autumn. Spikenard is regarded for its fleshy root whose aromatics are often described as complex, spicy, and earthy. Known since ancient times, spikenard is surrounded by folklore and legend. It is named in the Old Testament as one of the incense ingredients burned in the holy temple of Jerusalem and some Islamic traditions cite spikenard as the forbidden fruit Adam ate in the garden of Eden.

Spikenard root has a long history of use for its healthful qualities and was often employed in similar ways to its botanical cousin, ginseng. It was an important herb for several Native American tribes who utilized all parts of the plant either as food or in traditional herbal preparations for wellness support. Spikenard’s aromatic root was once enjoyed as a root beer amongst other culinary uses and today, it is often utilized as an alterative and tonic herb.

Our spikenard root tincture is made at our extract facilities in Eugene, Oregon by our expert team. Aromatic in nature, spikenard extract has a mild and slightly sweet, slightly pungent taste that is reminiscent of the pleasant flavor of licorice. Spikenard root extract combines well with marshmallow root extract and Oregon grape root extract amongst others. It is often incorporated into herbal formulations but can also be taken on its own in water or juice.

Organic alcohol, water, and dried spikenard ro

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