The Healing Garden

Author: Juliet Blankespoor
Published: 2022
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This beautifully bound book is the latest from Juliet Blankespoor, founder of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and life-long botanical enthusiast. She has been a contributing member of the herbal world for over 30 years through her teaching, writing, and promotion of useful weeds and organic cultivation.

The Healing Garden is an expertly written, 440 page guide to growing, preparing, and preserving your own herbal remedies. It begins with the planning and design of your garden, soil health, natural solutions to problematic insects, and plant propagation. Part two covers the harvest, drying, and preparation of herbs and food. And in part three you will find a foundation to herbalism including plant energetics, herbal action terms, and herbal safety. This is also where you will find 32 powerful herbal allies and recipes to incorporate them into your life.

            “A stunning book in every way! Visually beautiful, exquisitely written, wise and informative, The Healing Garden is a rich and delicious feast for the senses. A wealth of information overflows generously from every page. One finds everything one needs to know about herb gardening, medicine making, herbal cooking, plant medicine, and more. Just for the recipes alone, this book is worth owning.”               

 - Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author

Bonus! Each copy of The Healing Garden grants you access to the extensive online portal, there you can find regional growing guides, printable plant charts and video tutorials.
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