Sage, Garden Seeds

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Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis
Seeds per Pack: 50
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Sage does best if planted in full sun, and well-draining soil. It has a distinct piney-peppery flavor profile and is a favorite for cooking. The fresh or dried aromatic leaves are used for seasoning purposes, and its beautiful flowers as well as silvery, green-leaved branches are popular in bouquets.

Salvia officinalis can grow two and a half feet at its tallest. A member of the Lamiaceae family, this woody plant is distinguishable by its many wrinkled and textured silver-green leaves. In late spring, spikes of small lovely lavender to blue colored flowers appear that are a favorite to our pollinating friends.

It is recommended to start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost date. They can also be sown directly outside in the early spring. Seeds should be scattered on prepared soil and kept evenly moist. They should germinate within seven to twenty-one days, and young plants started indoors can be moved outside once they are around six inches in height.

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