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Botanical Name: Prunella vulgaris
Seeds per Pack: 50
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Self heal prefers growing in meadows, open lawns, or near bodies of water, and thrives in rich moist soil with full sun to partial shade. It grows rapidly, and slightly resembles mint in appearance, yet is odorless. The fresh or dried leaves are used in culinarily dishes like salads or soups for their nutritional value, and for making teas and tinctures.

Prunella vulgaris is part of the Lamiaceae family and is a low-growing, sprawling herb that grows outwards around two feet or more in diameter. Defined by its slightly hairy, oval, dark green leaves and tiny, purple florets, prunella can sometimes be mistaken for mint. It’s flowers bloom during the summer months and it spreads by rhizomes making it a useful ground cover.

Prunella can be planted directly outside after the danger of frost has passed. Scatter seeds over prepared soil and water daily. Germination should take place within ten to fourteen days. It can also be propagated by dividing plants in the spring or very early fall months.

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 Organic Self Heal (Heal All)

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