Bilberry Extract

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Botanical Name: Vaccinium myrtillus
Alcohol Percent: 50% - 60%
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Native to Europe and the British Isles, bilberry is known as the European blueberry. The bilberry bush produces flavorful, blue-colored berries that are enjoyed as a fruity culinary treat and are also applied in traditional European herbalism. Typically, bilberries are wildharvested since they can be difficult to cultivate and are celebrated at regional harvest festivals throughout Europe. Our bilberry extract is a synergistic blend of both leaf and berry that are macerated separately and blended after pressing to offer a complete plant profile.

A member of the Ericaceae family, Vaccinium myrtillus is a close relative of North American blueberries, cranberries, and huckleberries. Bilberry is a small shrub that flourishes in damp acidic soils. Native to Europe, the shrub produces bell shaped flowers that ripen into a small, dark blue, edible fruit known as bilberry or whortleberry.

Used since the times of ancient Greece, bilberry leaf and fruit have a long history of traditional applications. Its astringent leaves and berries were commonly employed in traditional European herbalism and were often utilized in support of the digestive system. A dark purple fruit, bilberry’s antioxidant properties help maintain good health and fight free radicals.*

Historically, bilberries were eaten straight or made into syrup or jam, and the English employed the small berries as a dye for wool due to its wonderful dark blue/purple coloring. A healthful addition to any culinary recipe, bilberry fruit can be used in herbal infusions, smoothies, baking recipes, and granola. Typical preparations of bilberry leaf include washes, infusions, and extractions. Bilberry extract can be combined with other extracts such as elder berry tincture and hawthorn extract. A squirt of bilberry tincture also makes a great addition to teas, including assam tea, raspberry leaf tea, and love tea.

Organic alcohol, water, organic bilberry, and organic bilberry leaf.

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