Body Oil Infusions

From: Four Elements Herbals
Size: 4 fl oz.
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Prioritize self-care with botanically infused body oil blends from our friends at Four Elements Herbals. Beautiful and intentional, each infused body oil is saturated with potent organic herbs, alluring essential oils, and a flower essence. Body oils are rich and luxurious in texture, perfect for moisturizing, massage, or as an opulent addition to the bath. Each variation absorbs well into the skin and will leave you feeling soft and luscious. Packaged in a glass bottle with plastic cap and treatment pump to easily dispense oil.

From Four Elements’ herbal therapeutic line, detoxify body oil was created to support healthy functioning of the breasts and lymphatic system. Massage daily into the skin and surrounding tissues after a shower or before a sweat. Infused with potent root herbs, this body oil is equally effective and enjoyable.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil° and grape seed oil° infused with violets°, burdock°, figwort°, and pokeroot°, vitamin E, orris, blue yarrow and orange essential oil, and black-eyed Susan flower essence.

Incorporate meditate body oil into your own meditation practice or simply allow it to whisk you away to a more peaceful state of mind. Angelica and white sage infused oil create a base for this centering, grounding, and graceful blend. Massage all over to bring focus and clarity to your consciousness.

Ingredients: Almond oil infused with white sage° and angelica°, vitamin E, rose, neroli and holy basil essential oils, and angelica flower essence.

Relax body oil is infused with a variety of garden flowers designed to help promote true relaxation. Lavender and rose geranium essential oils both calm the mind and refresh the body. Perfect for use after a long day at work or hours spent in the sun.

Ingredients: Almond oil infused with calendula° and arborvitae°, vitamin E, lavender and rose geranium essential oils, and lavender flower essence.

° Organic

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