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Borax Powder

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Our borax powder is a cosmetic grade sodium borate that does not contain surfactants and detergents, which are commonly found in commercial borax products. Borax acts as an emulsifier, natural preservative and buffering agent for moisturizers, scrubs, and bath salts. Borax is a natural mineral which is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Since it is also utilized as a detergent, many people are surprised to learn that it is also a main ingredient in their favorite bath salt.

Borax naturally occurs from the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. It is an emulsifier, preservative, cleansing agent, and a buffering agent. Commonly used in bath salts, borax has the ability to soften the water and suspend soap particles in the bathwater. The result is soft, clean, and healthy skin, which is not clogged by the residue of soap particles. When used in combination with citric acid in bath bomb or bath salt recipes, the product will produce a fizzing action. It also forms bath or body gel when mixed with water and guar gum. Stores well under any condition, but extreme moisture is to be avoided. Avoid contact with the eyes and mouth, and do not expose directly to the skin. Can be used directly for cleaning purposes, and is suitable for both cosmetic and cleaning formulations. Manufactured according to USP standards.

Intended Use: Cosmetic use only
Mesh Size: US #30

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