Clary Sage Seeds

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Clary Sage Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Salvia sclarea
Strictly Medicinals
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Salvia sclarea is easily grown in full sun with average well-draining soils. Clary Sage tolerates drought well and is robust once established. As part of the Lamiaceae family, this herb has a long history of use as a flavoring for foods and liquors, and other preparations. Clary sage is also renowned as an aromatic essential oil used in creating perfumes and cosmetics.

Clary sage grows three to four feet tall and is distinguished by its stunning, tubular, cream to lilac-colored flowers, which bloom during the summer of its second year. The flowers and plant itself are highly aromatic and attract butterflies and bees. Traditionally a biennial, if given the right growing environment, it can sometimes live beyond a few growing seasons.

To plant, seeds must be sown in the spring either in pots or directly outside. They should be scattered on soil, barely covered, tamped down and kept moist. Seeds should germinate within one to two weeks and the seedlings require little maintenance once established.

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