Epazote Seeds

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Botanical Name: Chenopodium ambrosioides
Seeds per Pack: 300
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Chenopodium ambrosioides is a resilient and pungent herb that thrives if planted in warm, well-drained soil with full sun exposure. As a part of the Chenopodiaceae family, this herb is sometimes considered a weed as it self-seeds and germinates very quickly. Fresh or dried leaves are often used in traditional culinary dishes from Mexico or South America.

Epazote can grow up to four feet in height and is characterized by its toothed, light green leaves, tiny, greenish flowers, and powerful aromatics. Similar in smell to savory and mint combined, the leaves are usually ready for harvest after 40 days. It is suggested to pinch off flowers to encourage continued leaf growth otherwise it will quickly go to seed.

Epazote seeds are easy to grow, however growing in containers is recommended as this herb is highly pervasive. After the danger of frost has passed, scatter seeds on prepared soil and tamp lightly. Keep seeds moist, and seedlings should emerge within a week or two.

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