Evening Primrose Seeds

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Evening Primrose Seeds

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Oenethera biennis
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Oenothera biennis is a flowering herb that does best in well-drained soils with direct sun exposure. Part of the Onagraceae family, evening primrose produces a showy, flowered pinnacle, that can often be found growing in open fields. Although all parts of the plant can be used, the seeds are prized for their extracted oil.

Evening primrose can grow up to five feet in height and produces lemony scented flowers. In its first year, it grows as a small rosette of olive colored leaves. In its second year, the rosette blooms a single stalk that produces bright yellow flowers that open at night from summer to fall. Evening primrose plants create fruit pods containing up to 1000 seeds per pod, which they will self-seed in the surrounding landscape.

To plant, scatter seeds over loose prepared soil in late fall or early spring, and lightly cover them with more soil. Seeds will germinate within nine to twelve days if planted in the spring, or once temperatures reach 65 degrees if planted in the fall.

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