Helichrysum Seeds

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Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum
Seeds per Pack: 100
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Helichrysum italicum is an herbaceous shrub that does exceedingly well in drier climates with full sun exposure. A member of the Asteraceae family, this herb produces many tiny yellow, almost fluffy flowers. The essential oil derived of these yellow blossoms is prized for its cosmetic use, and the fresh or dried leaves and blossoms can be collected and used in culinary and cosmetic recipes.

Helichrysum is a bushy herb growing to a height of two to three feet. It is distinguishable by its gray to silvery leaves, similar in appearance to sage. Flowers bloom during spring to summer months and both the leaves and flowers can be harvested at any time.

The seeds can be planted directly outside by scattering over top soil once the danger of frost has passed. Seedlings will sprout within two to three weeks of planting and should not be over watered. Cut back portions of older stems to encourage continued growth. This herb can successfully propagate by self-seeding.

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