Kidzerbs Gift Set

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Kidzerbs Gift Set

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This garden kit is the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the joys of gardening. This hands-on educational kit is great for children above the age of five, or anyone who is young at heart. The Kidzerbs seed kit is designed to inspire children to grow herbs either in a backyard plot or in pots on the windowsill. It makes a wonderful gift!

Each kit includes:
Kidzerbs storybook, a delightful story written and illustrated by Sena Cech featuring botanical illustrations, stories, and recipes. The story follows the adventures of Sena and her loyal sidekick, Cheesie Herbalmouse, as they tour Sena’s medicinal herb garden. In addition to the storybook, the kit contains 12 certified organic seed packets and 12 row markers to help children learn the importance of differentiating between seedlings.

Certified organic seed packets:

 Anise (50 seeds)
 Basil (50 seeds)
 Borage (15 seeds)
 Calendula (35 seeds)
 California poppy (100 seeds)
 Catnip (100 seeds)
 Chamomile (150 seeds)
 Feverfew (100 seeds)
 Flax (100 seeds)
 Johnny jump-up (25 seeds)
 Lemon balm (50 seeds)
 Love-in-a-mist (10 seeds)