Lavender Seed Set

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Lavenders are among the most delightful of the woody perennials. They spark memory and nourish the higher spirit, and are quite easy to grow. This Lavender Seed Set contains four different varieties of lavender with 50 seeds in each packet:

Czech (Lavandula angustifolia var. krajova) This variety is a beautiful blue-flowered, long-lived cultivar from Northern Europe possessing a high essential oil content. This fragrance has a mellower quality that is nonetheless pervasive.

English (Lavandula angustifolia var. vera) This classic lavender is native to low-lying areas in Southern Europe and is renowned for its grace and aromatic bliss.

Broadleaf (Lavandula latifolia) This camphorous cultivar features tall, slender pale lilac spikes and is native to the Mediterranean.

Munstead (Lavandula angustifolia var. munstead) A Northern-hardy dwarf strain of English lavender, this plant bears thick racemes of blue flowers. Many landscapers prefer this plant due to its compact form, cold-hardiness, and excellent longevity.

All varieties of lavender prefer full sun and a dry to mesic, well-drained soil. They are not particularly cold hardy, and should be trimmed back in the fall to prevent large amounts of snow from accumulating on them. Seed is very hard and will benefit from a brisk sandpaper stratification, followed by sowing on sandy soil in the light, and kept moist until germination which can take four to six weeks.

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