Purslane Seeds

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Botanical Name: Portulaca oleracea
Seeds per Pack: 100
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Purslane is an edible, drought resistant succulent, which thrives in well-draining soils while receiving full sun exposure. A member of the Portulacaceae family, purslane is distinguishable by its plump, fleshy leaves, and its ability to grow quickly as a sprawling ground cover. Stems and leaves can be harvested for use in salads and other culinary creations.

Portulaca oleracea is a sprawling plant that grows low to the ground at no more than six inches in height and is often easy to miss. It produces small yellow flowers during the summer that fall off once the weather starts to cool. Stems and leaves can be harvested for culinary use once they have reached around two to four inches in length.

Fairly easy to grow, seeds are best sown directly outside in the spring once temperatures exceed 70 degrees. Young seedlings should emerge from the soil within seven to ten days. This plant is not cold hardy and will struggle if temperatures dip below 50 degrees.

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